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Paleo Archaic Woodland Historic

Middle Woodland (300 B.C. - 500 A.D.)

    Very little is known about the Middle Woodland period in this region. Archaeologist has termed this time period as the Couture Complex, which occupied the areas within the river drainage of Lake St. Clair and the northwest shore of Lake Erie.

    The Couture Complex subsistence, similar to the Late Archaic and Early Woodland, included the hunting of deer and the gathering of nut resources, including walnut, hickory and acorn. There is evidence of long distance trade with such people as the Hopewellian, located in Ohio by the presence of "exotic" artifacts. An example of this caching in the Bothwell Sand Plain is the cache recovered with over 200 bifaces of Flint Ridge Chalcedony. Chalcedony originates from Central Ohio. During this time, burial mounds appear to have been used, similar to those found in the Hopewellian culture of Ohio at the same time. These burial mounds were recorded on Pelee Island and on the mainland north of Point Pelee.

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