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Boom Town Museum

    Bothwell received its name from Bothwell, Scotland given by the Honourable George Brown. In 1850, George Brown purchased 4000 acres of land in Zone Township and he profited handsomely from the timber that was cleared from the land and sold to the railway.   He used his paper to draw people into the area with great promises of good life for everyone.

    But in 1857, life in Bothwell was tough with little or no money and few jobs. In those years, Bothwell only existed but did not grow. Life changed with the first oil boom in 1862. The striking of oil brought with it a booming town overnight. Oil prospectors rushed to the area to make their riches. Along with them came shops, merchants and villagers to the rapidly growing Bothwell.

    With every boom comes a bust. Once the oilmen pulled out to chase the next boom, the population of Bothwell diminished. The 1890's brought with it another boom and the town life that follows the boom. This time, the population of Bothwell did not completely diminish with the eventual rush bust. Oil continued pumping and the residents of this newly formed town continued to live on.




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